If your boobs (big or small) aren’t supported by a bounce-killing bra when running the excess motion can create stretch marks, sagging and back pain. We’ve put together a list of the best sports bra for runners of all shapes and sizes which we believe offer the best comfort, support and coverage.

A good sports bra should be comfortable, supportive and provide good coverage over your chest to reduce excess movement. You’ll want to choose a bra with padded, adjustable straps to reinforce support and fine-tune fit. Go for a secure, wide band around the chest that doesn’t overly constrict breathing.

Our Pick of the best high-impact bounce killers

Rating Make/Model Score
#1 adidas-heart-rate-monotoring-smart-bra

adidas Heart Rate Monitoring Smart Bra

#2 2xu-contour-support-bra

2XU Women’s Contour Support Bra

#3 anita-vivana-active-sports-bra

Anita Vivana Active Sports Bra (5300)

#4 nike-victory-compression-stripe-sports-bra

Nike Womens Victory Compression Stripe Sports Bra

#5 Reebok-Hero-Strength-Camo-2-Bra

Reebok Women’s Hero Strength Camo 2.0 Bra

#5 Nike-Pro-Classic-Compression-Sports-Bra

Nike Pro Classic Compression Sports Bra


Other Sports Bras Your Might Consider

Freya Active underwire Crop Top Sports Bra

Incredibly supportive and comfortable, this bra has good coverage, underwiring and firm padding to stop bounce. The microfiber fabric manages sweat well so you can hit the runs hard. The flattering fit and attractive style, combined with the best coverage gives the Freya the edge for best in test.

Panache Sports Moulded Bra

This bra has an awesome fit for larger breasted women. It gives good coverage and the firm padding allows minimal movement, keeping you in place for getting some good quality run training in. Adjustable and padded straps fit a wide range of body shapes with optimal comfort.

Shock Absorber Ultimate Run

Giving excellent comfort, coverage and support this bra has all the right features. The in-built Infinity 8 support system reduces movement, making this bra perfect for running over bumpy trails. However the extra catch is not the easiest to fasten if you’re not very flexible.

Anita Dynamix Star Sports Bra

Coverage and support are excellent. Racer straps are easily adjustable from the front to tailor the bra to your body shape. Thin, breathable material makes this a perfect choice for warmer months and hotter climates. No underwiring helps to make this bra a very comfortable option, without reducing overall support.

Berlei Underwired Running Bra

Need a bra you can wear all day and then head out for a run without a second thought? This is it. It has a traditional style cut making the Berlei comfortable and flattering for daywear but with all the support you need for running.

Sportjock Super Sports Bra High Impact Support

This is an extremely comfortable and attractive crop-style bra. With a racer back, reinforced shoulder straps and good coverage, this bra leaves little room for movement. In fact, as a crop-top style bra the support offered was very impressive, making it an ideal top for under or outer wear when summer running.

Smartwool Support Bra

This is a crop-top style bra and yet, due to the 4 Degree elite fit system, there was minimal bounce. More support is available if you cross the straps over. naturally breathable merino lining makes for top-rated comfort helped by a wide chest strap. Low cut and flattering, this simple design comes up trumps.

Enell Sports Bra

Designed specifically for those runners with larger breasts, the Enell is flattering and give plenty of coverage. It’s not the most breathable and the corset style fastenings are fiddly but there is no bounce at all while running which makes up for it.

Pure Lime 098 Compression Bra

100% polyester moulded cups help give support and comfort, while multi-way straps give you multiple wear options. It was very breathable, making it great for summer months but allowed too much movement while on the go so not as supportive as competitors for him impact running. The Pure Lime 098 is best suited for easy runs or those runners with a smaller bust.

How To Fit

When searching for a sports bra the important thing is fit. The underband should be level and secure all the way round; if it rides up at the back its too small. Cups should be smooth, unwrinkled and contain all cleavage and the straps should be well fitted so you can fit a finger or two underneath.