Best Winter Running Gloves

All runners know the pain of a winter run with cold hands.

If this is your first season and you’re about to run your first winter I can assure you of 1 thing – good gloves make a difference!

To help you beat the cold, we’ve put together our list of the 7 best winter running gloves that will take you through this 2016/2017 winter season.

Our Top 7 Picks For Best Winter Running Gloves

Product NameRatingPrice
Under Armour UA Charged Wool Run Gloves100%$$
Nike Dri-Fit Tailwind Run Gloves100%$
Nike Tech Thermal Running Gloves100%$
Saucony Ultimate Touch-Tek Glove100%$$
Saucony Ulti-Mitt 100%$
Sugoi Wind Mitt100%$
Reebok Running Gloves95%$$

Under Armour UA Charged Wool Run Gloves

Under Armour have put real thought into their UA Charged Wool gloves.

Made from ColdGear® Charged Wool which has all the feel and warmth of wool but has the added bonus of drying even faster when the get wet.

The reflective strips on the fingers work pretty well, helping to make you a little safer when out in the dark while the ‘Tech Touch’ technology means you can use your smartphone without taking your glove off.

What Do Current Owners Say?

  • Perfect as a winter running glove or even a liner glove for when you’re standing around when the mercury has dropped well below 32°F.
  • Still allow for dexterity when using.
  • Lightweight which makes them perfect for cross country

Nike Dri-Fit Tailwind Run Gloves

Nike Dri-Fit Tailwind Run
When it comes to quality winter running gloves Nike are the undisputed champions.

The Nike Dri-Fit Tailwind are made from Dri-Fit fabric that allows your hands to breath while wicking sweat away from your skin.

The glove features silicone dots on the index, middle finger and thumb to help with using your smartphones when out on the run while the reflective Nike Swoosh helps enhance visibility.

One of my favorite features of the Nike Dri-Fit Tailwind is that the elasticated wrist cuff grips well and is extremely comfortable.

Nike Tech Thermal Running Gloves

Nike Tech Thermal Running Gloves
While the Nike Dri-Fit Tailwind is a great lightweight winter running glove – if you’re looking for a seriously toasty pair of cold weather running gloves then you’ll want to check out the Nike Tech Thermal.

This glove combines a Therma-Fit outer later that really keeps your hands warm with high visibility graphic to help keep you safer when out on the roads.

The fit is superb and thanks to the thoughtful design, my hands didn’t experience any overheating while out on the roads.

Saucony Ultimate Touch-Tek Glove

Saucony Ultimate Touch-Tek Glove
The Saucony Ultimate Touch-Tek Glove is a great glove. While it’s not the warmest running gloves that we’ve ever tested, Saucony have done a good job in designing it.

If big, flashy, reflective logos aren’t your thing (we’re looking at you Nike) then the Saucony Ultimate Touch-Tek are certainly worth a look.

The glove is made from 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex which feels light enough and the fleece nose wipe is a nice touch (if you haven’t experienced a chaffed nose after a long cold run then you’re lucky).

The one thing letting the Saucony Ultimate Touch-Tek down is that it’s just not as well build as some of the other gloves on this list.

Saucony Ulti-Mitt

Saucony Ulti-Mitt
The Saucony Ulti-Mitt was the very first pair of running mittens that we’ve ever reviewed and we were very impressed!

The mitten is made up of 92% Polyester/8% Spandex which has a nice light feel on the hands. The cuff is extended slightly which is a nice touch that helps keep your hands extra warm.

The DWR-coated outer mitt is wind and water resistant which makes them one of the warmest running gloves that we’ve ever run in. If your hands get too warm mid-run, the outer mitt folds into the glove which is also very useful if you need to reach into a back pocket to grab an energy bar.

As with most modern running gloves the thumb and index finger allow you to use your smartphone when out and about.

Sugoi Wind Mitt

Sugoi Wind Mitt
Originally, the Sugoi Wind Mitt weren’t suppose to feature on our list but when a friend told us just how good they found them to be, we just had to review them.

Unlike the Saucony Ulti-Mitt, this is a true mitten and there are no ‘fingers’ inside. This unisex glove is wind resistant and felt comfortable even when running with a real-feel of -10 °F!

What current owners say

  • Unlike many mittens, the Sugoi Wind Mitt does a good with being able to wick away sweat.
  • I normally double up on gloves when running but with the Wind Mitt I only needed them.
  • The most superior gloves for running under 32°F

Reebok Running Gloves

     Reebok running Gloves, S  Roll over image to zoom in Reebok Running Gloves
If being seen this winter is your number one priority then you can’t go far wrong that with these running gloves from Reebok.

The luminous yellow material combined with all round reflective bands means that you’re going to stand out.

We used the gloves when running through a fairly dark road and as soon as light hit them, the gloves stood out!

What current owners say

  • Highly visible and combined with the reflective strips make me feel safer on pre-dawn runs.
  • Fit true-to-size
  • Make running at night so much safer.


Winter running gloves make a huge difference to how you experience a run. With warm winter gloves on the miles can fly by, however, without gloves runs can often be cut short.

If you’re tempted by Nike winter gloves you’re always guaranteed a pair of thin warm gloves, while we were really impressed by the latest running mittens from both Sugoi and Saucony which not only proved to be the best cold weather gloves when things get really chilly but over the course of our running gloves review, also turned out to be the most comfortable.

Bonus: Tips For Cold Weather Running

Thinking about safety is a little more important during winter runs, however, with a little thought then there’s no reason why it shouldn’t as much fun as summer running.

Check out the video below for 7 amazing tips for running this winter.