Altra Torin 1.5 – 1st Impressions

Altra’s Zero Drop line of running shoes has expanded for 2014 and what you’ll see is an offering for everyone from super minimal, to crazy cush. The Altra Torin sets in the middle of the line up as an ample cushioned but nimble feeling, zero drop runner.

Video Transcript

Hey guys. Today I’m here to do a review from the Altra Torin 1.5.

Altra is happy enough to send these to me and I was super stoked to give them a try. This review is going to be first impressions review. I’ve had them out for about 20 miles, so this is just going to be specs and my first impressions. Then we’ll log a bunch more miles and do a main review a few weeks or a month or so from now, after we’ve logged some miles on them.

This is the shoe. This is the Torin 1.5. The next thing I like about Altra is that they do these incremental changes, so they come out with these 1.5s rather than saying the Torin 2.0, and they just make some slight modifications from the first pair.

The shoes in come weight at nine and a half ounces, so pretty light. Not the lightest thing on the Earth, but this is a highly cushioned neutral training shoe. This is Altra’s version. They still have the zero drop. That means from the heel to the toe there is zero offset. So, zero drop but it’s highly cushioned. They’ve got more cushion in here than a lot of the other Altra shoes have. This is meant for long distances, marathons, ultramarathons, and just going to be an all around, nice, long distance training shoe.

It does have the ultra wide toe box, which I really appreciate. At first the shoe almost first like it was a little too big. I just wasn’t used to that wide of a toe box. Now, I wear a lot of minimal shoes, but this, even compared to other minimal shoes, felt even a little wider than normal. They really let your toes get in there and spread out. There’s tons of room, so on those long distances, where your feet may start swelling up, it just has room to breath in there, to push off and really helps you to form more of that proper technique when you’re running. It encourages you to do that.

The rubber on the side here, throughout the platform, is a blended EVA A-Bound cushioning system. It’s got some cushioning in here, like I said, more so than a lot of the other Altra shoes. The upper is a little bit different and it has a quick dry inter-mesh. That’s what the mesh system on here is.

Some of the few things I did not like. There wasn’t much, but like I said, I have about 20 miles on these and that’s it. We’ll obviously do more of a deep dive after I log some miles onto them. But the shoe right now feels a little stiff. You can see right here the only place that’s really bending is just right across the toes up front there. There’s not much flexibility in here. Hopefully that loosens up after we log some more miles, but right now that’s my first just gut reaction. It feels a little stiff overall, and the tongue on here also felt a little thick to me. I can already feel just … Felt a little hot. Almost a little too much going on in the tongue area, but that’s really it.

Overall, I really like the first fit of these. Put them on, they fit true to size. I love the detail that Altra puts into their shoes. The design’s pretty cool. It kind of has a retro feel, and I obviously love what they’re doing on the heel where they have taken out some rubber to give it that skeleton toe look. The other thing, they’ve actually taken out rubber from the heel here. Where it’s not needed they’ve taken it out, and that obviously saves weight, so that’s good for everyone. Overall, I like the colors. This comes in three different colors, a yellow and a blue.

That’s the review. The Torin 1.5 from Altra. Going to keep slugging away a bunch of miles on these. We’ll do a main review a month or so from now and we’ll really dive into all the nitty-gritty of how these are going, how they’re holding up and how many miles we’ve logged on them. Thanks for tuning in. Altra, thanks for sending us the shoes. Good fit so far. Liking them. Stay tuned for more. Thanks.