Banish The Baby Weight With A Run

So, you have recently had a baby, and you have about 15 pounds that you would like to lose. You are eating pretty well, but you have decided that it is time to be more active to quicken your weight loss. You know that you need to use and “work off” more calories than you take in each day, and you are considering the best, most efficient way to get that negative calorie balance. Your friend suggests running as a way to drop your post-baby weight.

But running with baby in toe isn’t always easy – you need to find time, choose the best jogging stroller, pick the right route, worry about what to wear and have a heap of other questions.

“How does running help?” you ask her. “Why can’t I just walk?” Well, as you might imagine, the more intense your exercise is, the more calories you burn, even if you travel the same distance. According to research reported by Runner’s World, you can figure out approximately how many calories you would burn for each mile that you RUN by multiplying your weight by .63. So, if you weighed 160 pounds, you would burn about 100 calories for each mile that you ran (160 x .63). However, if you walk that same mile, you can only multiply your weight by .30 to find out your calorie burn. Walking a mile, if you weighed 160 pounds, you would burn about 48 calories. So, even though you are going the same distance, covering it more quickly and intensely by running it allows you to more than double your calorie burn.

The best part about running is that, even after you are finished, your body continues to burn calories at a higher rate than if you simply walked or engaged in some other low-intensity exercise. So, even when you are resting after your run, your body is in “after-burn” mode, continuing to torch calories at a brisk rate. This contributes to a greater, faster loss of post-baby pounds.

When you are a new mom, you definitely appreciate things that are convenient. Running is one of the most convenient workouts that you can do. You do not need a gym membership, and you do not need any kind of expensive, special workout equipment. All you really need to do is to purchase a good pair of running shoes. When you do go to buy running shoes, be sure to have a sporting goods associate help you fit them properly, as your body might have changed in ways that affect your arch and your balance. So once you have your shoes, you can start running; it is cheap, and you can do it anywhere.

After you have made the decision to begin running to shed your post-pregnancy weight, think about the following:

Start slowly. This helps you stay motivated and avoid injury. Begin with a run-walk program. Run for 1 minute, walk for 3, and do that for a half-hour. Then, after that becomes easier, run for 2 minutes, walk for 3, and do that for a half hour. Build up the running segments and lower the walking segments, and before long, you will be running the entire time. A friend of mine, after her second baby, decided to begin running. She did a run-walk program between mailboxes in her subdivision. At first, she ran from the first mailbox to the second, then walked to the third, then ran from the third to the fourth, then walked from the fourth to the fifth. Soon, she ran from the first to the third, then walked to the next, then ran some more.

Be consistent in your running. You cannot expect to lose the “baby weight” by running two days a week for a half-hour. Establish a routine that allows you to run every day or every other day. Before you know it, you will be back in your pre-pregnancy form.