Mizuno Wave Evo Cursoris 1st Impressions

Mizuno doesn’t seem to do anything without making sure they do it right. The new Cursorsis is there first 0 Drop, Light-weight, Neutral, Minimal Running Shoe and I can tell, Bryan’s a little jazzed about it.

Video Transcript

Hello. It’s Brian here and I’m here to do a first impression on some kicks from Mizuno. These are the Mizuno Evo Cursoris. That’s quite a unique name. It actually comes from a pre-historic reptile, so they’re naming it after that. This is Mizuno’s first attempt into the zero drop, so the Cursoris is a zero drop shoe. It actually has 12 millimeters in the heel, 12 millimeters in the forefront. It’s a flat 12 millimeters, so it’s a zero drop shoe.

They’re positioning this as to someone looking to go into the mid to forefront strike. First impression reviews here, just took them out for 2 runs, 3 miles and 4 miles. I got to say, this is my first Mizuno shoe and I’m really impressed. I really like what I was feeling. There’s actually quite a bit of cushion and it felt really, really soft.

The heel here looks pretty unique. They’ve got their wave technology built-in that Mizuno’s known for up in the forefront, but this orange all the way throughout is actually pretty soft. Then the black pieces here are a little stiffer material, but this orange gave me a really good energy return on the forefront. That’s something else I notice in the toe box.

A really wide toe box and with that cushioning down there, and that nice energy return, could really feel my toes working. That was the first great impression. The shoes fit great. These are a 9 and a half. I wear typically a 9 and a half. Sometimes I bump up to a 10, but these fit. They fit true to size.

Got to say the colors I like. I like the orange and the black, so thumbs up on the colors Mizuno. Definitely like them. They’ll go well with my orange jacket that I have. The interesting thing on the upper, this mesh, is a real wide spread mesh which is interesting. Some other shoes, you’ll see a lot of tight-knit mesh. This, if you look closely, you can actually see through to the inside of the mesh, so it’s a really wide mesh hole.

It’s going to be really breathable. Just the way the mesh felt, it almost felt like a slipper. The way the mesh is wrapped in there, my foot really felt like it was snug in there, but not too tight. This toe box is really wide, so it just was a really comfortable fit. I just felt like I had a slipper on, so it was a really good feeling.

Everywhere else, the shoe felt great. It wasn’t slipping anywhere. Again, just for the first couple runs, the two runs for the first impressions, I’m really excited about. I’ll be curious to get these out on 8, 10, 12, 15 miles and see, how they feel, and see how they hold up too.

Again, this orange that they have here on the heel and in the forefront too is really soft. I’ll be curious to see how long these hold up. If we can get 200 miles, 300 miles out of them, maybe they’ll be closer to 150 to 200 miles. We’ll definitely hit the pavement form guys and give you the main review.

I was heel striking on purpose a little bit. This just felt a little clunky back here. If I could even tell by just listening, my sound, when I’m up on my toes in forefront, real soft. You probably couldn’t even hear me coming. On the back, when I was heel striking on purpose, it felt clunky and it was definitely a lot louder. That’ll be, again, something I’ll be curious to try out on the long runs just how that feels when your feet get tired and you do start heel striking a little more.

Does it become annoying that it’s clunky back there or is it reminding you to get back up on your forefoot and on your toes? Pretty good first impression so far, guys. Again, we will put a lot of miles on these, run them through the test here. Stay tuned to runbl.com and on Facebook, and Twitter. We’ll be posting all the reviews there. First impressions from Mizuno Cursoris.