New Balance 101 / Inov-8 X-Talon

Interview with the winners of the Ice Age Trail 50 Mile trail race in Wisconsin. Shaun Pope and Sandi Nypaver overall winners talk about the shoes they train and race in, the New Balance 101 and the Inov-8 X-Talon


Scott: Hey guys, this is Scott from RunningVillage. We’re gonna interview the two winners of the Ice Age 50 Miler. I know, I ran the 50K, it’s not quite as tough. These guys smoked the course. They happen to be boyfriend and girlfriend, I believe, and that’s a fast couple. So, basically, what we want to do is talk to these guys. If you guys will introduce yourself first, that would be great.

Shaun: I’m Shaun Pope.

Sandi: I’m Sandi Nypaver.

Scott: Where are you guys from?

Shaun: I’m from Kent, Ohio.

Sandi: Parma Heights, Ohio.

Scott: Right on. How far was the trip to get here?

Shaun: Eight hours.

Scott: Eight hours. Right on, that’s a good travel for it. What we’re looking at right now is their shoes. What we want to know is, you just ran 50 miles in these babies. Neither one of them look to be super-heavy. What shoes are you wearing and why did you pick them?

Shaun: I’m wearing the New Balance 101. I really like it because it’s very minimal. It doesn’t feel too heavy or anything. The big thing is the rock plate, I can step on rocks as hard as I want. I’ve got somewhat of a hard landing, so it definitely protects me from some of the major stone.

Scott: So it’s still minimal, but there’s a protection there, so you’re not spilling every rock.

Shaun: Yeah, there is a protection there, especially on the foot point, yeah.

Scott: Okay. And these are supposedly…the 101s are the ones that Anton Krupicka helped pioneer.

Shaun: Yes, he shaves them down and everything.

Scott: Okay, craziness. So, 50 miles, you like them, how many races have you done in them?

Shaun: I think two now.

Scott: Okay. And do you train in them?

Shaun: Yes. Yeah, I train in them and then the Minimus Series by New Balance.

Scott: Okay, so totally minimal. And it looks like you’re an overpronator a little bit.

Shaun: Oh, I’m a huge overpronator.

Scott: And still staying healthy, so…

Shaun: Yes.

Scott: Right there’s a vote for minimal running shoes.

Shaun: Started the adrenaline.

Scott: And how about you? What are you in and why?

Sandi: These are the Inov-8 X-Talon 212’s and they’re from my sponsor, I’ve won three races in these shoes, putting over at least 1,000 miles by now.

Scott: Really?

Sandi: Yeah, and they’re very durable and they’re super lightweight. It’s like, pretty much anything…

Scott: Yeah, there’s not much to them right now.

Sandi: Yeah, so you probably can’t get a better minimalist shoe.

Scott: It’s the Inov-8 what?

Sandi: X-Talon 212.

Scott: Okay. And your sponsor again, we got you to plug for them.