Nike Pegasus 29 1st Impressions

It’d been a minute since Steve had been in a Nike. The new Nike Pegasus seems to have pleasantly surprised him.

If you liked the Pegasus 28, you’re going to love the 29.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, it’s Steve [Rule 00:00:11] from Runbl, doing the initial review for the Pegasus 29s. Orange is not an orange enough word to describe the orangeness of these orange shoes. They’re the perfect thing for the winter blahs, though. I’m picking these up as my first street shoe review for the year. I, on purpose, didn’t look up any information on these, because I wanted to get a feel for the shoe first. Sometimes, I think you read through, and you read drop, you read weights, and you start making the shoe fit that data, versus your own impressions. Had these out. I did 3 miles on the treadmill. I actually did a mile and a half on the circuit, on the indoor track at the Rec, and I took them off this morning, and did 5 miles on the street, on the pavement, before we got this lovely new bit of snow.

I’ve got to tell you, the upper on these is a whole 1 piece, and I’ll give you the details on the main review, as far as this new fabric, and the new weave that Nike’s doing. I have never been a huge Nike aficionado. They’ve always been a good shoe for me, but they’ve never been one that I’ve been raving about. These have got a different feel. They don’t feel like any other Nike I’ve ever run in. I’ll be real interested to see how they hold up. I love the toe box on these for a guy with a wider foot. The lacing system’s good. It’s a standard lace system, but they’ve got a little bit different, as far as the end here, there’s not any material to rub up against the top of your foot, which I’ve had problems with in other shoes. Overall, good first impressions. It feels like this is about a 10 millimeter drop. I’m going to find out how accurate I am.

The one thing I do love about this, though, feel the traction on this. Look at the grid on these, on the outside, plus, what you’ve got here. When you come down through these shoes on a good flat stride to a little bit of fore-foot, you can actually feel that give you a launch. It’s really a neat feel, and a good tread pattern. We’ll see how it wears, also. That’s my first impressions. See you in a couple weeks for some more.