On-Running Cloudracer 1st Impressions

On-Running’s Cloudracer w/ Cloud Technology offers a lightweight, neutral racing shoe with a sweet cushioned heel and a toe off that feels reactive and efficient. Under 9 ounces, this is a fast feeling, low profile race shoe. I’d probably train in it too.

Video Transcript

Hey, what’s up Runbl? It is Brian. I am here to do a first impression on the Cloud Racer from Rn running. On Running is a company over in Switzerland. You can see it’s got its nice engineered in Switzerland right there on the shoe. Pretty cool shoe. Right way, loving the orange color. Pretty clean look with all the white and just the spotted orange. Like the first look of it anyways.

First impression’s really good. I’ve taken these out on a few runs. These weigh in at 8.6 ounces. It’s a neutral shoe. Their labeling it as for competition and races. You expect that light of a weight shoe when you’re doing races and what not. I love the upper in it. You can even see my fingers through the upper. It’s just a real lightweight mesh all the way through out. I can actually feel the breeze on my feet. That was actually really pleasant, especially in some these really hot days we’ve been having.

I can also feel how light it was. Again, you ‘d expect that in a competition kind of racer shoe. It was a nice plus from some of the other shoes that i’ve run in. The whole idea around On and their technology is what they call the Cloudtec. It’s these pods on the back here. On these, there’s eighteen of them. You can see on the back there’s a set of them that are a little more substantial. These up front are a little more displayed out, a little thinner.

The idea behind this is, you have two forces when you’re running; the vertical force that you have to fight against, then also the horizontal force as you strike down. The idea behind these in the back is to give you a lot of support and absorb that shock, almost as if you were landing on a pile of sand.

Up front, these are a little more responsive, little more cushiony. They are able to give you that toe off that you’re normally used to in like a track shoe and a racing shoe. There’s kind of that nice, really happy medium between absorbing the shock back here, if you’re a heavy heel striker, but still getting a real nice responsiveness as you toe off. I definitely felt that in my runs. I’m more of a minimal guy. I wasn’t heel striking a lot. When I am up on my toes, I still felt this really nice spring action and real responsiveness.

My biggest question I guess would be is if that feeling lasts? After you put a couple months worth of mileage on them, am I still going to feel that responsiveness? That’s kind of my biggest question right now. I was heel striking on purpose just to see how it felt, it felt actually okay. On isn’t even telling you to stay up on the forefront. They put these back here so that if you are a heel striker, that you’re getting the support you need and then you’re still getting toe off with the responsiveness thought the Cloudtec up front.

These are 5mm drop. As I mentioned, I’m more of a minimal guy. I’ve been in some other On’s that were 7mm. That’s a little closer to what I’m used to with 0mm and 4mm drop. These are 5. Again, they weigh in at 8.6 ounces. They retail for 129 bucks. These are the Cloud Racers from On. We’ll put a ton of miles on these guys and do another main review. This is first impressions. Definitely happy with what I’m feeling so far. I will mention that they run big. I noticed this in the other On’s I ran in as well. These are 9 and a half, I would probably go down to a nine. I could wear some thicker socks and that will help a little bit. If you’re looking at getting a pair of On’s, I would suggest trying on a half size smaller. We’ll get some miles on them and look back for another main review.