Scott ERide AF Support 1st Impressions

This is Scott’s most supportive training shoe to date. Pound for pound, this high-mileage, aggressively supportive, stability shoe seems ready to stand up against even the likes of the Brooks Adrenaline. And it weighs less than most of the other shoes in it’s class.

Video Transcript

Yo, Runbl, what’s up? Scott McCoubrey. You’re the man. Guys, we’re here doing a review on another Scott running shoe that McCoubrey sent our way to check out. This is really Scott’s most supportive running shoe I’ve seen since I’ve been testing them for the last 2 to 3 years. This is the Scott ERide AF Support. Let’s give you the specs on it. This is first impressions. I have, I think, just 2 runs in them, but 1 was significant, almost an hour in it. Then, a shorter run. What you’re looking at, they have the aero-foam in here, and what’s aero-foam? Aero-foam’s actually, it’s a blown rubber, but the way they do it, they’re making it a lighter, more reactive rubber than I’ve seen in a lot of shoes. They do that using a system like they use in airplanes to work with some of the materials, and really expand that rubber so that the rubber expands without adding more rubber in there, if that makes sense.

The way I understand it, as they expand that, they’re giving you a nice foam that’s spread out without all that dense rubber in the base of it. The shoe, itself, is super light. This is a men’s size 9. They’re rolling out at 280 grams for weight. 11 millimeter drop shoes, so in the old versions of their support shoe, I think it was 12 millimeters. This is 11. It’s a little more underneath your foot than a lot of the Scott shoes, but it’s still got that rock front end. Still has the ERide platform up top, where, what they’re doing is giving you a sweet wrap on your foot. What that does is really secures the foot here. A-symmetrical lacing, so it doesn’t cut across the top of your foot. Then, the tongue actually has a nice sewn in area here, so the tongues not moving on you. This really wraps the foot.

Very impressed, interested in these, because Scott has always been a shoe that’s been lightweight with some support, but not super aggressive. This is the most supportive Scott shoe I’ve seen, and I would compare it, honestly, to the Brooks Adrenaline. Some people might be, “What? Really?” It was very supportive. I was really surprised on my first run. This composite flex-plate that’s on the bottom, here, gives you nice rigidity, nice inherent stability on the bottom, but as you roll through that, when you get to the toe-off, and it’s nice and flexed, too, in this front end, you still get good toe-off. They don’t feel clunky at all at 280 grams.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a shoe that’s got a bunch of stability, but it’s not super clunky, and it runs fast, check out, right now, the Scott ERide AF Support, and see what you think. We’ll get a main review to you, here, in about a month or 2. Buy smart, buy local. Thanks, Runbl.