Scott Mk3 first impressions

Here are our first impressions of the Scott MK 3, the successor of the Makani II. It is a lightweight performance trainer which could be used for racing.

Hey guys, Scott from Runbl, this is the Scott MK3 that I just got last week and I have a couple runs in it. This is Scott’s lightweight trainer / racing show, it’s in their performance category.

What I like right here is if you go to their training model they’ll talk to you about a cushion stability running shoe offers more, where a performance shoe, if you go to this it will tell you, these are for runners who want a lightweight and well balanced running shoe for speed, work, training, and racing. Like lightweight trainers and racing flats they offer less cushioning, less stability, and are less durable than training running shoes. What’s that mean? What they are telling you is this is a faster feel, more responsive training shoe if you want to train in it, or you could race in it. I looked up to try to find what the weight on these was and I couldn’t actually find it on their website. My guess is they’re right around 9 ounces or less because they’re definitely not 10 ounces. These are probably 8.4 or something like that, see if you can look it up and quiz me.

Here’s what I like about it, if you can see inside the shoe, on the shoes that I’ve seen from them so far they all have this little, it’s kind of a sock liner, and a tongue hold here that’s elastic, so it stretches, holds the tongue in place but it also offers a nice smooth, soft material on the side of your foot. It’s nice because this arch wrap that they’re putting in it is very lightweight as well, so what they’re doing with this arch wrap is bringing it up right behind the joint of the big toe, so it’s not going to mess with the bunion there, and bringing it up here. What that does is you can really secure this shoe around your arch if you’re an overpronator like I am and get some support that way. They have some dual density in here, pretty low profile shoe still, and still a nice rock on the front like Scott makes in all their stuff.

This is a carbon fiber foot plate that runs through part of the shoe and it adds some rigidity through the midfoot where someone would tend to start to overpronate after heel striking. What they’re doing there is they’re saving weight so it’s still a lightweight trainer / racer, but adding you some rigidity so someone like myself, that’s an overpronator, can get in this shoe and not feel like we’re totally killing ourselves trying to be in a racing flat.

Another thing for Scott shoes that I’ve noticed in the 2 pairs that I’ve started to test is the height at which the shoe comes up and raffs the foot, you actually get a little more support here up near the ankle. Now some people will feel like that’s going to hit in a wrong spot, and that may be the case. For myself, I never lace to this back lace eyelet, but in these I have been because they don’t go way back here and cut across to the top of my foot. I haven’t tried it yet without this back lace, but with the back lace, as it comes up and hugs your foot, you feel really secure. So far that’s first impressions of the Scott MK3, lightweight, stability, very good hug through the arch and up around the foot, but for some people this may feel like it hits their foot in the wrong spot, like it comes up too high, so be mindful of that and understand they told you, not a stability shoe that’s going to last 500 miles, but if you want something quick feeling, this is what you’d want in a Scott.