Skechers Go Run Ride 1st Impressions

Skechers Go Run Ride 1st Impressions – Minimal, flexible, and cushioned, neutral training shoe. This one is still light weight but it does have more cushioning and a bit less aggression from the GOimpulse sensors as compared to its older brother, the Go Run. The updates help this feel more plush while still encouraging a mid-foot strike.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, what’s up? Round two for Skechers. We did initial, main review, and maybe even some final thoughts on the Skechers Go Run that came out last year. Had mixed reviews on it. Essentially, it’s a very light feeling shoe, very flexible, low profile. The upper is super supple soft, so you can run it barefoot if you wanted. A lot of good things about it, but we did have some plantar pain through the bottom of the foot caused by [someone 00:00:33] not maybe acclimating long enough or not being ready for that pod system that they put.

Essentially you’re on a rocker bed on this one as well, but this is the Skechers Go Run Ride. This is essentially a beefed up version. It has a little more cushion under the foot. Then what they also did on here is they lightened up the rigidity of these pod systems. The pod system is essentially as you, if you hill strike, you’re going to run into that. When people are doing that, if they were just not totally forefoot striking, but back here and hitting those pods, they really feeling it. It was a little aggressive for them. They lightened it up, made these a little less rigid, and essentially smoothed out the flow of this heel-toe action where they’re still encouraging you to be striking here and not here. If you do strike here, it’s not stabbing your foot.

First impression wise for me, this is a size ten, and it’s a little big on me, so I would do a nine and a half. I’m always between a nine and a half and a ten. In this, I’d be a nine and a half, so if that helps you, size them up a little bit. I’ve done two runs in them already and felt actually really good. I’m an [old 00:01:49] pronator like crazy, so this isn’t necessarily the perfect shoe for me. Compared to the first Skechers Go Run that we tested, they’ve made some really good improvements.

What I like from Skechers right now is that they’re listening to people, they have people testing them. They’re making a serious approach or a serious jump into the running shoe market with technology and really doing the research. So far, first impressions, I like it. This is not aggressive to the point that it irritates. I think it’s going to be fine. More people are going to be accessible to using this shoe. We’ll test it and see how many miles we get out of it, but so far it’s been a good update. (music playing).