Top 10 Blogs To Help You Run Your First Ultra Marathon

It take a pretty special kind of runner to take part in ultra marathons.

The focus required to just get through the training alone is off the charts!

In this post, we take a look at 10 of our favorite ultra marathon blogs that anyone considering running their first Ultra marathon should read.

Please Note: The blogs featured here are arranged in no particular order. We’re fans of all of them.

Sage Canaday

When it comes to ultra marathon advice, you can go far wrong than that given by coach Sage Canaday, a Mountain-Ultra-Trail runner who regularly takes part in some of the most high performance ultra races in the world.

What we really like about the blog is that Sage really doesn’t hold back when it comes to telling it how it is – whether it’s a review of his performance in races or commenting on issues such as doping in sport, you’re sure to get an honest and sincere opinion.

It’s not just his blog that we love either, make sure you visit his YouTube channel for some truly excellent running videos!

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Ultra Runner Girl

If you’re looking for an ultra marathon blog packed full of heart, passion and stunning images then make sure you read the Ultra Runner Girl Blog.

Stephanie Case is a Canadian human rights lawyer who has not only lived in some truly interesting, inspiring and dangerous places such as Afghanistan, South Sudan, Gaza and Geneva but she’s documented her adventures running there too.

Honestly, if you need a shot of motivation to run an ultra then make sure you visit her blog to follow her updates.

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Luke Ashton Ultra Marathon Runner

Luke Ashton is an ultra marathon runner who has one goal with his blog – to encourage other runners to push their boundaries to achieve greater distances, fulfill personal achievement goals and most of all more enjoyment running as part of a balanced lifestyle!

This makes it perfect reading material for anyone thinking about stepping up their running event distance.

What we really like about Luke’s blog is that he gives readers extremely insightful race reports that are guaranteed to have you signing up for an event.

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Steve Way – Ultra Runner

If you ever need proof of how running can really change a life then look no further than Steve Way. Over a 3 year period, Steve lost 42lbs, quit smoking and ran a 2.19 marathon!

Talk about #runspiration!

While we’d like to see more frequent updates from Steve, reading back through past posts you really get a sense of what it takes to complete train.

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An Ultra Runners Blog

Will Cooper certainly has an interesting take on running and isn’t afraid to discuss controversial topics, all in his very unique, laid back style.

One of our favorite posts from his archives is on Marijuana and Ultra Running which is debated and discussed in a very mature and sensible manor.

Reading his blog, you can’t help get swept away with his philosophy of not being afraid to discover new trails every day or push yourself that little bit extra.

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Iona Running Blog

Ionas blog is one of our favorite on the list.

Anyone looking to run their first ultra marathon will find her race reports incredibly inspiring, as she certainly doesn’t shy away from providing a warts and all account of her experiences.

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John Kynaston’s ultra running diary

The second ultra marathon blog from a Scottish author – take one look at Johns’ running blog and it’s easy to get carried away and want to immediately sign-up for an ultra race.

For inspiration, Johns’ posts are filled with images and video of the bleak, brutal and beautiful routes that he covers both when he’s out racing and when he’s training.

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Running And Stuff

We could spend 1000 words telling you why you should read James blog but really the infographic below sums it up perfectly…

In all seriousness though, Running and Stuff is a breath of fresh air to read.

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Paul Ali Ultramarathon Runner

Paul is another running blogger who’s race reports leave you inspired and ready to tackle your first ultra distance race.

With beautiful images (in which Paul always seems to have a smile on his face) and a fantastic attention to detail, this is one ultra runner who’s blog everyone should follow.

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Make no mistakes about it, ultra running is hard and deciding to enter a race isn’t something to take lightly.

It’s a race that demands both physical and mental toughness.

The good news is that by reading blogs and race reports you can see the exact mindset you’ll need to adapt in order to survive.