Which fields you should use on a GPS Watch when running

So you have taken the plunge and purchased your first running GPS watch, you have charged it acquired satellites. You are all set to press the start button ready to go, but there is one big question which out of the hundreds of data fields should I chose to display?

Here at Runbl we have come up with our favourite GPS settings to keep you informed and motivated throughout your training runs.


Being able to see how long you have ran is vital Information. Try ticking off vital time-based landmarks like running 5, 10,15 ,30 minutes without stopping.


Knowing how far you have ran is important for a number of reasons. Fort those out and back runners you know exactly when to turn. Motivationally there is nothing better than seeing the distance go up whilst run time and heart rate go down

Lap Pace

Measured in minutes per km or minutes per mile, this feature lets you know how fast you are travelling.
If you see this time increasing during your run, you may wish to start out slower to run more even splits.

Heart Rate

garmin-setup-screenWithin Heart rate settings we have over 10 different options on many GPS´s . Deciding which Heart rate setting to use largely depends on if your training zones are based on heart rate. At Runbl, we like to use the current heart rate setting as it allows us to monitor real-time how our pulse is effected by the pacing. Those who have done sufficient testing and calibrating of training zones may want to select the HR training zones feature.

There are many other features, however keeping it simple is the key. Keep the display clean and visible that’s why we stick to the top three of Time, Distance and pace.

We would love to hear all about your favourite display settings so please leave a comment below telling us how you like to set up your watch.

Happy Running