With so many running products on the market, knowing what to buy can be a difficult decision! Knowing which product is right for you can leave you confused, stressed or even worse – out of pocket and stuck with a useless item!

Our helpful guides are designed to test everything about a product so that when you buy a product, you know it’s the right item for you.

Running Shoe Buying Guides

Running shoes are without doubt the most important piece of running kit that you can buy. Our guides will help you find the right shoes for you.

Shin Splints

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Running Clothing Buying Guides

While the shoes you run in may be the most important element of your run, getting the right clothing can also be hugely important. Whether your looking for a pair of socks or a waterproof running jacket we’ve a guide to help you buy the right item.

Sports Bras For Running

If a good pair of running shoes is king then, for the ladies at least, getting the best sports bra for running is queen! In our guide we put 7 sports bras to the test to see which is the best available.
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Winter Running Gloves

A good pair of winter running gloves can make the difference between an enjoyable run and an unpleasant sufferfest that leaves you numb… or even loaded with flu! In our guide to winter gloves we take a look at everything from the best lightweight gloves right through to running mittens.
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Running Tech Guides

As running grows in popularity, so grows the amount of running technology on the market. To keep your inner gear geek happy we’ve reviewed a number of different running gadgets.

Minimalist Running Shoes

Since the launch of Born To Run, the minimalist running shoe movement has really start take off. Increasingly, studies are being carried out that show the benefits of barefoot or minimalist running.

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Jogging Strollers

Running is a fantastic to get some fresh air, spent time with baby and, of course, lose some of that post baby weight. More and more runners are turning to specialized jogging strollers to make running with baby that little bit easier. In our guide we look at 5 different strollers at different price points to help you find the best stroller for both you and baby.
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Running GPS Watches

Increasingly, a good GPS running watch is becoming a must have training accessories. As prices come down it’s becoming more and more difficult to confidently buy the right watch. In our guide we put 4 of the most popular running watches to the test.
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Foam Rollers

So if there’s one piece of equipment that we now couldn’t live without it’s a good foam roller. Perfect for increasing oxygen flow around muscles which in turn helps with recovery, spending 20 minutes foam rolling after a run can have a huge impact on your training and performance.
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