If you’re anything like me, before baby came along I had a very active life – going to the gym daily, hiking, kayaking, and running however, I started to slow down once I became pregnant. In an effort to get back to my healthy lifestyle post-baby, I decided that I’d start running again.

Running with a baby is slightly more challenging than running on my own, for one I have had to buy a good jogger stroller.

Jogging strollers have exploded in popularity in recent years, and there are many from which to choose. Although you may have preferences about color and look, there are some primary characteristics that must be considered to ensure that you are selecting the right jogging stroller.

Best Jogger Stroller For 2016

Rating Make/Model Price Rating
#1 small-thule-urban-glide Thule Urban Glide $350+ 5/5
#2 small-bob-ironman BOB Ironman $300+ 5/5
#3 small-bob-rev BOB Revolution Flex $400 5/5
#4 small-thule-glide-sport Thule Glide Sport Stroller $350+ 5/5
#5 small-bob-sports BOB Sport Utility $120+ 5/5

Thule Urban Glide

Thule Urban Glide - winner of our best jogging stroller award

The Thule Urban Glide is without a doubt my favorite jogger stroller on the market today and it’s easy to see why we have named it as the best jogger stroller on the market today!

The frame is lightweight and looks fantastic, you can tell that Thule have put considerable time into research and development. It’s refreshing to test out a stroller where you feel that real world parents have been consulted in the design and development of the product.

It’s honestly a joy to run with the Thule Urban Glide!

The stroller runs true when running and doesn’t ever seem to pull to one side or the other and the handlebars feel comfortable, even on longer runs. The included canopy provided adequate shade while the 5-point adjustable harness keeps my little one safe and secure the whole way.

This is without doubt, the best jogger stroller for runners – as a testament to the quality, as soon as I’d returned my test unit to Thule I went out and purchased my own!

BOB Ironman


When I was asked to write a review on the best jogger strollers, my first port of call was to ask other running parents at play group which stroller they use. There was one stroller that stood out over every one else – the BOB Ironman!

The BOB provides the best ride of any stroller that I’ve tested! It was really easy to find a comfortable handlebar position and running with the Ironman was a pleasure! The large wheels make running effortless and you can tell that real thought has been put into the suspension system.

What I really liked was that after a recent parkrun, despite feeling exhausted, I cold easily collapse and store the stroller in my car while holding my son.

BOB Revolution Flex


With a swivel locking front wheel and a choice of over 9 handlebar positions; the BOB Revolution Flex is a fantastic lifestyle stroller that’s equally at home pounding the pavement or negotiating busy shopping malls.

In terms of functionality and ride, the Revolution Flex is well matched to the premium price tag (as, lets be honest, are most BOB strollers).

What I did really like about the Revolution FLEX is that it felt seriously comfortable when we headed off the tarmac and onto a graveled trail. I didn’t experience any of those pesky issues that strollers normally struggle with when taken off road. It gripped and ran true when descending and thanks to the lightweight frame, it was a snap to push uphill (although I wouldn’t recommend hill sprints with any jogging stroller!).

Thule Glide Sport Stroller


The Thule Glide Sport stroller is a great entry level jogging stroller that’s packed full of features normally found on more premium products.

The handling is pretty good although it does pull ever so slightly to one side or another if you drift into running-focus mode for too long. It handles the turns well and just requires you to apply a little down force to lift the front wheel. If we were writing a list on the best inexpensive jogging strollers then this one would certainly feature highly.

One thing to keep in mind is that this stroller doesn’t have a head support which means that it’s not ideal for everyone.

BOB Sport Utility


The BOB Sport Utility is the “trail goat” of jogging strollers and it’s easily the best stroller on trails!

It’s easy to setup and the five-point padded harness restrains the rugrat extremely well. The stroller has 3, 16-inch wheels with knobby tires that you can feel gripping on loose surfaces. I couldn’t believe just how well this product handled a 5K trail run. I never once felt like I didn’t have control or that I was battling with the stroller.

I’ve recommended the BOB Sport Utility to several friends who do a lot of trail running/hiking and they are extremely pleased with the product.

How to Pick the Right Baby Jogger Stroller

Not all strollers are created equal – for one, if you’re going to be running a lot then a normal umbrella stroller or pram just isn’t going to cut it.

The Right Level of Stability

When you begin looking at strollers, you may be completely overwhelmed. Did you know that there are strollers that are designed for walking AND running and strollers that are simply designed for running? You will want to compare those two types of models. The walking/running strollers may be TOO stable, and that makes them too rigid and difficult to maneuver while running.

The jog strollers have a little more “give” and are able to make turns and other movements while mom is moving at a faster clip! Selecting a jogging stroller is much like the story of The Three Bears – you don’t want one that is TOO stable or one that is NOT stable enough, but you want one that is just right.

Locking Front Wheel

Sometimes, you want the front wheel of the stroller to swivel, such as when you are strolling your baby through the shopping mall. A swiveling front wheel allows you to turn and maneuver in tight spaces. However, when you are running, you want the front wheel to remain very straight. It if were to swivel while you are running, the stroller can easily go out of your control. So, regardless of the style of jog stroller that you consider, look for one that has the option of locking the front wheel.

Wheel Size

While we are talking about wheels, consider the size of the wheels on jogging strollers. The wheels are larger than those of a typical stroller, and these large wheels mean less resistance on the surface. Jogging stroller wheels come in three sizes – 12 inches, 16 inches, and 20+ inches. To decide which size of wheel your stroller needs, think about the surface on which you will be running. If you are going to be on smooth surfaces like a sidewalk or an indoor facility, the smaller wheels are sufficient.

If you are going to be running on fairly smooth surfaces outside, the 16-inch wheel might be best. In fact, you can even go “off road”, taking your stroller across the grass at a park! If you are going to be running long distances or if you are going to be going “off road” frequently, you should opt for the 20-inch tires as they will provide the smoothest ride for your little one.

Hand Break

Another feature to look for on a jogging stroller is a hand break. While you may not think this is necessary, it is an excellent safety feature, particularly when you are running in areas that are hilly. Think about it, suppose you are running downhill, and your baby is in the stroller. Gravity takes hold, and the stroller starts moving faster.

As a result, you throw your body backward to act as a counterweight and slow the stroller’s speed. With a hand break, you can apply it lightly while going downhill so that you can stay upright and keep an adequate running form.


Although not really a feature of jogging strollers, the cost is definitely a consideration. Jogging prices can range from $75 to over $400, so it can be quite an investment. High-quality strollers are comfortable, easy to use, and durable, so if you are going to use one, it is worth paying for.

As with any other major purchase, it is a good idea to do your research first. Talk with friends who have experience with jogging strollers, read about different models online, and shop around before you buy.