New Balance m890v2 Review

I’ve tested a lot of running shoes in my time, but one of my favourite pairs of all time was the New Balance m890. They fit my foot like the proverbial glass slip and I was genuinely gutted when after wearing my old pair down I went to my local running store, only to be told that they no longer stocked the model.

The first thing I noticed was that the proportions of this shoe have changed. The New Balance M890s offered a roomier fit and sadly the upper has been reduced on the m890V2. While the forefoot width remains the same, the toe box volume has been shrunk down… a lot!

As someone with a wide foot and slightly high arches, this was a concern.

Disappointed, I laced up and headed out on what I hoped wouldn’t be an uncomfortable run.

New Balance m890v2 Upper

New Balance has thankfully chosen to incorporate many elements of the m890 into the V2.

The design of the open mesh upper has changed but fans of the m890 will be pleased to know that the new mesh functions just as well. New Balance has also opted to use a very similar weld on the overlays, which again is a smart choice.

You will instantly recognise the heel collar; it’s exactly the same as that used on the previous version of the shoe while the lacing system has received and update. New Balance have kept the flat lacing system, although alarmingly some reviewers have commented that the m890 V2 actually increases pressure on the medial superior (inside top).

New Balance m890v2 Sole

New Balance has opted to once again use their REVlite cushioning system and have reduced the stack height from 32mm/21mm to 28mm-20mm which has reduced the heel-toe drop from 11mm down to 8mm which could be an issue for some runners. Thankfully the shoe still feels stable, agile and comfortable despite being lighter than the previous model.

I was lucky enough to be able to put the New Balance 890 V2 through its paces over a 12 mile run that has a bit of everything – road, trail, gravel it’s a loop that I love to run because it really tests shoes out. I was extremely impressed with how comfortable the New Balance m890 V2 felt throughout the run. Even when the trail got ever so slightly technical, the Revlite cushioning still felt springy and agile.

Being a running heavyweight I’m always curious to see how a shoe performed when pounded – the 890V2 rises to the challenge and performs well. The V2s outsole showed little signs of wear, even after 50 miles of abuse.

The New Balance 890V2 is one of those shoes that while billed as neutral will be suitable for runners who ever so slightly pronate thanks to addition of some medial support.


I’ve got a love/hate relationship with the new New Balance 890V2. What I really like is the 3mm reduction of the heel-toe drop. The reduction of the stack height makes the shoe feel a little more responsive thanks in part to weight saving of almost an ounce.

What I don’t like as a fat-footer is the new shallow toe box that does feel cramps and could put extra pressure on the medial superior for those runners with higher than normal arches.

The shoe rides well and it can certainly handle punishment across a number of different terrains. The REVlite is extremely comfortable.

If you’re looking for an extremely comfortable lightweight running shoe then it’s certainly worth considering the New Balance m890V2