Nike Free 5.0

Looking for shoes that have it all – comfort, style and the perfect fit, look nowhere else. The Nike Free 5.0 shoes, newest model of the Nike Free shoe line, are specifically designed keeping in mind the natural movement of the feet.

The shoes provide free flow natural movement of the feet by eliminating the gap between the feet and the ground as much as possible. The great upper fit of the shoes along with its extremely soft cushion underneath and its flexible ride make them the best running shoes available in the market.

These shoes ‘fit like a glove’ and you will not go wrong with its snug fitting. Certainly a win-win combination of cushioning and natural motion – with these shoes you can set yourself free and indulge in its lightweight fit and extremely flexible ride.


Nike Footware Research Labs

With immense research from the Nike team, these shoes not only mimic the shape of your feet but also provide immense suitability, durability, and traction. The technology designed to make these shoes provide utmost free movement; flexibility and stability not just for running but for casual use as well.

The lightweight nature of these shoes along with its flexibility and great designs make it the perfect pair of shoes for anybody at any time. These shoes will also help in boosting the running speed with utmost comfort enabling you to stand, run, or walk for eight hours without any blisters or sores. Your feet will feel more relaxed rather than beaten and bashed even after a 5-mile run.

The sole of Nike Free 5.0

The ‘minimalistic’ shoe approach adapted by Nike, challenging the paradigm that more cushioning is good, does not by any means compromise on the comfort level of the shoes.

Despite its lightweight and flexibility nature, the cushioning of the inner part of the shoes provides utmost comfort. They can be easily rolled into the size of a ball and are extremely to carry around even in a small bag. The round curved heal of the shoes imitate the shape of your heel, making them extremely comfortable and the design of the shoes look light and seek.

The minimalistic design also comes with no extra sewn overlays on the upper sole and a very light tongue creating more movement for the feet.

While looking for the best running shoes, comfort is one of the main factors that come to mind. The upper sole of the shoes are extremely soft and comfortable.

The soft synthetic leather material increases the flexibility of the shoe by maneuvering the upper sole in the direction of the toes. With the extra space in the front part these shoes feel as good as wearing slippers – except you can also comfortably run in them.

The sole of Nike Free 5.0

The upper inner sole also consists of a knit textured air mesh, which provides enough room for breathability of the feet, making them light and airy. The soft inner mesh also eliminates the need to wear socks, keeping your feet sweat and odor free.

The flywire lacing system of the Nike Free 5.0 shoes increases the comfort level of the shoes by giving you the ability to grip your feet into position lightly or tightly based on your comfort level and training requirements. There is good sole protection on pavement or small gravel surfaces as well.

The Nike Free 5.0 shoes are immensely durable and do not wear off or look old easily. The outer rubber sole has been designed to undergo substantial wear and tear without getting too dirty. The shoes are very easy to maintain and can be washed easily either by hand or in a washing machine.

These shoes last very well under any weather conditions and can be worn outdoors while jogging, running, hiking or just a casual day out as well as indoors in the gym, playing tennis, etc. The triple-layered plastic protection on the upper sole along with its no-sew design makes it extremely durable and can last several years.

Unlike other running shoes, the Nike Free 5.0 provides a very lightweight outer sole because it does not provide any underfoot cushioning. The use of Phylite foam in the shoe eliminates any bulkiness, making the shoe much lighter and enhancing the bare foot experience.

Due to its light and flexible nature these shoes provide great arch support and mold according to the shape or arch of the feet, increasing the stability. The sole inside the shoe is extremely thin and is almost non-existent near the mid-arch and toe area to compliment the natural curves of the foot.

The ‘cut’ bottom part of the shoe actually makes you feel like you are walking on air without putting too much pressure on your heels, enhancing the walking, running, and jogging experience altogether.

The design of the shoe is appealing with ranging color schemes to suit the perfect need. You don’t need to be an athlete to wear these shoes. Available in different rainbow colors ranging from very light colors to very dark colors and variety of selections, the Nike Free Runner 5.0 shoes provide the best fit for your everyday shoe needs from running, jogging, casual day out or even running errands.

The versatile nature and design of these shoes also make them great pair for general all-purpose workout at the gym. Despite its extreme lightweight, these shoes are extremely sturdy.

Overall the Nike 5.0 Free 5.0 shoes are insanely comfortable, flexible, and fashionable. They provide great midsole flexibility and a snug and comfortable fit through rear foot and midfoot. There is no need for lacing you can easily slip it on ad off your feet.

They can be comfortably worn on trail or road and are very grippy. The outsole of these shoes is extremely durable and come with a protective rock plate. The shoes can be best used for casual wear to help strengthen feet and retrain muscles. They are very comfortable for road running and other activities such as trail running, hiking, mountain running, and racing.

You will never miss out on getting compliments with your Nike Free 5.0 shoes anytime or anywhere!