Asics Gel Landreth 7 1st Impressions

We talk with Sara Gall about her first impressions of the Asics Gel Landreth 7, a neutral shoe with 10mm drop.


Sarah: Hey, guys. This is Sarah from Runbl. I’m running in the Asics Landreth Seven right now. I have probably about a hundred miles on it right now. Actually today I was just thinking that it still feels really good. It feels like kind of out-of-the-box still. I wear a size eight and a half and this fits really true to size. What I also noticed right when I put this shoe on is the heel cuff on it and how these two layers right here overlap. It really holds my foot really well and I really like that. After a hundred miles, I can still feel that. It still feels like it’s holding my foot really well.

I do wear orthotics and it fits in these shoes really nicely. It doesn’t feel like they’re off. I don’t get blisters from them fitting in there funny. I do over pronate a little bit more on my right foot than I do on my left, but it seems like this holds my right foot well enough with this collar right here on the heel that I don’t really over pronate too much on it. And also what I really notice is the fore foot cushioning. It just feels really nice and padded and cushioned so I don’t feel lots of rocks under there, even after a hundred miles. It feels pretty good so far.

Interviewer: Ten-millimeter drops versus twelve millimeter, are you used to it? Did you notice it?

Sarah: Yeah. I definitely am used to it now. I noticed it at first, right when I put them on. It just felt like a quicker ride, I’d say. But now I’ve been wearing it more often, I’d say I’m used to it. I do wear them…I’m not alternating them right now, so I’m wearing them every day. So I’m not letting that cushion bounce back up but still they feel really good every day I put them on.

Interviewer: Okay. It’s a neutral trainer. You’re talking about over-pronation, but you’re talking about just a little bit in one foot.

Sarah: Just a little bit.

Interviewer: So you always train in neutral shoes with those inserts in there.

Sarah: Yes. If I didn’t have my inserts, I’d probably go to light stability. But with these and my inserts, these feel pretty good.

Interviewer: Yeah. It’s a different Landreth than last year’s. Totally. The drop is different so it’s a quicker feeling shoe. Do you think you’ll continue to stay in a 10 millimeter drop? What do you think of that?

Sarah: Yeah, I think so. This feels just a little bit…it doesn’t feel really, really lightweight like a flat would, but it doesn’t feel as a…like a more top-end neutral shoe.

Interviewer: All right. Thanks.