Asics Nimbus 16 Review

I’ve long championed the Asics Nimbus range. They have consistently provided comfort, support and a plush feel.

With each new version, Asics continue to build on the success of the previous – will the Nimbus 16 live up to the legacy of those that came before it?


There’s only one way to find out:

First Impressions of the Asics Nimbus 16

My first thought upon unboxing the Nimbus 16 was “wow, this a good looking shoe”, it just looks great!

While the Island Blue, Lightning and Lime (blue, white, lime) color may not be to everybody’s taste, for someone who hates boring shoe colors these shoes were perfect.

If the Island Blue isn’t for you thankfully more subtle patterns are available.

Pulling the shoe on for the first time, the familiar plush Nimbus feel was present (it’s worth noting that it’s this feel that saw us recommending the Nimbus 15 in our plantar fasciitis guide).


You can’t fail to miss the upper.

The Asics FluidFit system provides a net like mesh over the top of the shoe which ties into the individual lacing eyelets. The result is an upper that provides a secure but comfortable fit which doesn’t feel overly tight or restrictive.

Given the amount of memory foam used in the upper, the shoe feels luxurious and plush. However as you might expect all this foam comes at a price – the shoe does sacrifice breathability for comfort.


The sole remains pretty much unchanged from the 15 to the 16.

Asics have made the sensible decision to stay with the FluidRide midsole cushioning (which I personally find to be one of the best sole frameworks on the market) and have added an extra 3mm of height to the women’s version which will really help relieve any Achilles tension.

Asics have also increased the gel unit to further cushion the fore and rear foot.

The result is a midsole that is extremely comfortable while offering enough spring to make it an ideal shoe for those long steady Sunday afternoon runs.

As with the midsole, Asics have merely refined the outsole rather than redesign it. A few aesthetic changes have been made to the abrasion rubber but this does nothing to change how the shoe rides.

Surprisingly the Nimbus 16 has a quick transition that you don’t tend to find in a heavy, high-miler. I was a big fan of the flex grooves of the 15 and by retaining these, the Nimbus 16 feels relatively flexible and efficient.


The Nimbus 16 is a solid choice for any runner looking for a well supportive, well-cushioned shoe.

This shoe is ideal for those runners training for a half or full marathon – the shoe feels responsive and secure while the ride is well cushioned with a quick transition.

The fit is phenomenal! The Asics Nimbus 16 is genuinely one of the best fitting shoes I’ve ever worn.

While it may be a little heavy for those who value speed over comfort, it’s pretty much perfect for average joes looking for a shoe that will provide comfort with every step.