Brooks Ghost 7

Brooks is a company that lives by the motto, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Brooks has numerous shoes that work, and they don’t deviate much from that when updating their lines. Weighing approximately 10.3 oz. for men and 9.0 oz. for women, modifications tend to be slight, since the platform for Brooks is a solid one.

The Brooks Ghost 7 sit’s at the mid-to-higher end of the market, if you’re seeking a neutral shoe that is great for long rides, this is the shoe for you.

With that being said, the Brooks Ghost 7, which is made for neutral runners and crafted to take the beating of many miles, is lighter than the previous versions and the fit seems to be different as well. Feeling snugger than its predecessors, the overall fit is more secure and transition-friendly. However, the main area that benefited most from updates is the mid-sole, which seems to be a trend with Brooks.


Brooks Ghost 7 Upper

As we’ve noted above that Brooks shoes mostly remain the same, and that is absolutely the case for the Ghost 7. Its upper has kept a similar style to that of the earlier versions, including the no-sew overly.

As every runner knows, a comfortable fit is one of the most vital factors in a running shoe, and Brooks is notorious for supplying this without many competitors. The only notable change in the upper is the mesh and overlays. The material has changed moderately, embracing a thinner and lighter design. The overlays provide a more snug fit and the lightweight mesh covers it. The new mesh helps keep your feet drier and cooler. The color styles are more modern implementing a color-shift chevron, as well.

The shoe doesn’t slide or slip, and supplies a lot of room in the toe-box, as well as offers supreme support in the heel. It is comfortable and lightweight.

Brooks Ghost 7 Sole

Previously, Brooks implemented a BioMoGo midsole with DNA inserts, but in the Ghost 7 they’ve strayed from this design. Though they’re still implementing the BioMoGo with DNA material, they’ve created one solid piece rather than a piece with inserts. The DNA adapts to the force you apply. It contours to your feet while adapting to your gait, weight, environment and pace, and offers a more custom cushion during your ride.

By combining the BioMoGo and DNA in the midsole, Brooks has created a softer ride from your heel to midfoot. With a 12mm midsole drop, the mash up has created a more energetic return, excellent cushion, and a more pliable ride, thus, making heel to toe transitions easier and allowing more padding during foot strikes. If you can believe it, it’s also eco friendly. It contains a non-toxic adhesive that breaks down (biodegrades) the midsole faster when it hits the landfill.

The heel sole kept the previous segmented crash pad with shock absorbers (looks kind of like a caterpillar), and the sole in the front remains mostly the same as well (including the omega grooves), with the exception of larger lugs, which makes the Ghost 7 feel more responsive during your run. The heel-to-toe transition is ideal, and allows runners to get the most out of their foot strikes.


Though most of the design updates are minimal and unseen their differences can absolutely be felt. While the larger lugs and BioMoGo and DNA combination offers an unmatched performance that makes for a comfortable, stable and easy ride, the lighter mesh provides a cool, dry experience. All together the element changes and updates create a lighter sole unit and plenty of cushioning for a neutral shoe that offers the best of the Brooks offering.