Brooks Glycerin 12 Review

I’m a bit of a contradiction – part of me wants to embrace the minimalist style of running shoe however there’s still a part of me that loves cushioned shoes which is why I was excited to try out the Brooks Glycerin 12s.

You see while I love racing in minimalist shoes, when it comes to those long runs or slower recovery runs, I have to wear cushioned shoes – they just feel better and reduce those niggling thoughts about injuries that so often float through our minds.

Brooks have made a huge investment in the Glycerin 12 including making them 25% lighter – would they live up to the hefty price tag? Let’s find out


Brooks Glycerin 12 Upper

All the big upper innovation was made with the launch of the Brooks Glycerin 11; the 12 merely refines and fine-tunes the experience.

The fit is ultra-comfortable around the foot, feeling stable and secure with no rubbing thanks to the seamless mesh.

Brooks once again has made use of their innovative “3D Fit Print overlays” to help keep the shoe feeling stable while reducing the weight.

The heel box has been rounded out ever so slightly to match other shoes in the Brook range.

Brooks Glycerin 12 Sole

The real development innovation has been in the sole which instantly feels different to the Glycerin 11’s.

The outer sole sees the addition of “ideal pressure zones” which are used to help spread the impact from each foot strike.

While the benefit of the “Ideal Pressure Zones” may be subtle, the new Super BioMoGo DNA material (sounds awesome, right?) that’s used throughout the midsole certainly isn’t.

The shoe is now 25% lighter and super comfortable. It’s honestly like the shoes have been filled with a combination of duck down, candyfloss and clouds! This shoe is seriously cushioned and comfortable.

Another huge change has come to the heel which has been slimmed down in size helping to reduce the footprint. This change has meant that the foot strike naturally moves closer to the midsole and forefoot rather than the heel.

Fans of the Brooks Glycerin range will be pleased to know that with all these changes and innovations, the Glycerin 12 is just as stable as previous versions.


Out of all the models within the Brooks range, the Glycerin 12 is without a doubt the most comfortable neutral shoe.

The introduction of the new Super BioMoGo DNA cushioning in the midsole has created a truly impressive shoe that felt comfortable from the first mile right through to the last on our testing runs.

The shoe is lighter than previous versions and thanks to the Ideal Pressure Zones is more comfortable during foot strikes.

When I first set out to run in these shoes I was interested to see if the heel changes would help move my strike point further forward and I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was the case.

The only downside to the shoe is the price tag – they are a little more expensive that some of the closest alternatives but I personally feel that they are a solid investment.

For anyone looking for a comfortable high-mileage shoe I can whole heartedly recommend the Brooks Glycerin 12.