K-Swiss Kwicky Blade Light Review

K-Swiss are a relative new kid on the block when it comes to running shoes (although they have been appearing on Tennis courts since the 60s). It’s always interesting to see how the new brands embrace running shoe design and functionality so I was delighted when my pair of K-Swiss Kwicky Blade Light were delivered to my door.

The Kwicky Blade Light recently shot to fame when American long-distance runner Josh Cox wore them when he smashed the US 50K record by three and a half minutes, (missing out on a world record by just 7 seconds).

When asked about his Kwicky Blade Lights after the race he noted “[they] keep me light and fast.”

High praise indeed!


After unboxing it was time to lace up and headed out.

K-Swiss Kwicky Blade Light Upper


The first thing that you’ll notice is that these shoes are light. Weighing in at nine ounces for the men’s and just eight ounces for the ladies, my initial thought was that this is another pair of shoes who’s traded weight for cushioning.

However, after slipping them on, I soon realised this isn’t the case.

Hot damn, these shoes are comfortable!

The seam-free upper is comfortable… really comfortable. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a sockless runner and I found this shoe incredibly comfortable. The K-Swiss Kwicky is ideal for both sockless runners and triathletes alike.

K-Swiss-Kwicky-Blade-Light-heelThe open-mesh upper provides good breathability and the ion-maskTM, hydrophobic finish supposedly repels water (although I never tested this out). There’s fantastic ventilation across the shoe which kept my foot cool on long summer runs.

The toe box fit like a glove, it felt neither too tight or too lose, even after a particularly long run of fifteen miles, my foot remained blister-free.

If you’re looking for a triathlon running shoe, the Kwicky Blade Light is worth considering for the upper alone. The Slip-free laces held the shoe firmly in place while the heel grip makes for a faster transition.

K-Swiss Kwicky Blade Light Sole


Before I even pulled the shoes on, I heard rumblings that the sole was either love it or hate it…

The first things you notice upon turning the shoe over are the blade tread and two drainage holes, designed to remove water. However I can see this causing a bit of a chicken and egg situation whereby the drain water out but they also let it in (when you eventually forget about the hole and carelessly run through a puddle).

The sole is flexible and felt responsive while offering a level of cushioning not normally found on a lightweight running shoe. If you like feeling the ground under your feet or normally go for a minimalistic running shoe then you’ll probably find this cushioning a little bit too much.

Taking them off road, the shoe provided enough cushioning to be comfortable and I found that you really notice an improvement in grip when you lean forward slightly or when the gradient kicks up.


All in all I was extremely impressed with the K-Swiss shoe and I can see why triathlon transition areas across the country are full of K-Swiss Kwicky Blade Lights.

The shoe is light but comfortable, and offered not only a good fit but an outstanding feel, especially towards the end of a run when my legs started to tire.

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