Mizuno Wave Creation 16

The Mizuno brand offers a collection of tools for sports enthusiasts – from shoes to volleyballs, baseball gloves and golf clubs. There is literally a tool for every athlete and skill level.

The company’s running shoes are designed for every type of athlete, but the Wave Creation 16 gives runners a barely there feel that is designed for efficiency, impact resistance, shock absorption and an advanced fit. While the shoes are priced more towards the higher end of the market, the shoe offers 15 years of supported Wave technology that has been mostly unchanged since 2007. If you love Mizuno shoes, the Creation 16 won’t be the exception.


Mizuno Wave Creation 16 Upper

Mizuno, unlike most companies, creates one upper that it uses as template for an entire year of shoes. The upper on the Creation 16 is basically a clone of that template with a few differences between it and other Mizuno models, like the Prophecy. The soft mesh, which is coved in Japanese art created by using hot melt layers, is really the only difference in the Creation 16’s upper.

The fit across the forefoot is spacious, but is tight over the small toe, thus, limiting splay. The shoe runs approximately a half size larger, so trying them on is suggested before making a purchase.

The insole is divine – beautifully cushioned and comfortable on bare feet, however, due to stitching on the interior, running without socks isn’t ideal. A runner is guaranteed blisters. The tongue is wide and free flowing, and the collar is cushioned mildly. The lining and collar are covered with the “runbirds” symbol, and there is one small reflective on the heel.

Mizuno Wave Creation 16 Sole

The infinity logo shown on the reflective spot on the heel is indicative of the use of Wave technology. This Wave offers a solution to impact while keeping the midsole solid under pressure. The two plastic plates and the rubber pillars between them, which allows for compression, create the Wave. The plates work together and the pillars act as a layer of cushioning, thus, allowing a larger range of comfortable heel compression.

The midsole sits atop the Wave, and is designed so that the quality is felt while running. Hence, walking in them at the store is going to feel much different than how they’ll fit and feel after a 10 miles run or jog. To get the full effect, they must be worn for a run. The Wave and midsole are combined to deliver firmness, but not at the sake of losing cushion. The smoosh and flattening you may feel in other shoes will not be a factor in the Creation16. The shoes are created to eliminate squish for a flawless weight transfer.

In addition to the midsole foam and the Wave, is an outsole layer of foam in the heel, which is also meant to soften rear-foot strikes. In an attempt to combine both durability and traction, the Creation 16 was designed with a horseshoe shape in the back made of X-10, which is a hard rubber, but the outsole in the front is a bit softer. The harder rubber in the back helps maintain sturdiness while the softer rubber in the forefront is meant to increase grip.


If you are an avid Mizuno wearer, this shoe will not disappoint. Even though the Creation 16 is considered the most cushioned model (besides the Prophecy 4) its similarities in its upper design and construction makes the shoe much like other models. Fifteen years of backed Wave technology coupled with durability, impact resistance, shock absorption, increased cushion and an advanced fit makes the Creation 16 a desirable addition for most runners.