Mizuno Wave Enigma 4

Mizuno prides itself on having a favorable design and technology that is ideal for all kinds of runners. Like the Mizuno Creation 16, the Enigma 4 features Wave technology, and offers a lightweight, cushioned and flexible ride for neutral trainers. The shoe’s padding and cushion is often compared to that of the Asic Nimbus series.

This shoe certainly isn’t cheap, but worth the extra pennies if you’re looking for a top-rated shoe that offers an ideal impact resistance.


Mizuno Wave Enigma 4 Upper

In terms of aesthetics, Mizuno notes that the construction and color pattern were inspired by downtown Tokyo. The color and design are meant to give off a fast-paced, futuristic feel. However, it is noted that this shoe isn’t offered in many colors. Additionally, since the shoe is highly cushioned the lightweight feel in hand is almost baffling.

The design of the upper supports what Mizuno refers to as ‘Dynamotion Fit’. Mizuno gushes that the offering helps to imitate foot motion while offering a secure fit that moves freely. The stretchy mesh also eliminates bunching, pulling and general discomfort.

The upper provides a secure fit in the heel and arch. The shoe offers a snugness that is mostly true to size, which continues down to the midfoot. It also includes a lower, more open collar. Though, the width feels slightly tighter, the toebox is roomy and the tongue and padding around the collar are plushy and comfortable, similar to that of the Nimbus. The fit and feel offer a supreme ride for runners looking for a high mile shoe.

Mizuno Wave Enigma 4 Sole

The Enigma 4 lower provides a cushioned ride without sacrificing weight. This is partially because the Enigma offers a newer U4ic material that takes the place of the older AP+. U4ic is 30% lighter than the previously used AP+.

Mizuno proudly recommends the Wave Enigma to any runner. They’ve created a compact and sleek design that offers impact resistance to any foot shape while keeping the shoe lightweight. The Enigma Wave works by dispersing impact away from your foot. As your foot hits the ground the force is actually redirected the same way a car’s suspension system operates.

There is a heel to toe drop of approximately 12mm. This offset is supposed to work with the natural flow of the foot by offering an easy heel to toe transition. Even though the difference may seem dramatic at first this sensation will soon fade. The combination of the Wave plate and the forefoot outsole blend flexibility with heel-to-toe guidance for efficiency.

The heel is extremely well cushioned. Like the Creation 16, the outsole offers grooves and X-10 technology. The X-10 coupled with the lighter weighted rubber in the forefront of the shoe, combines durability with grip and traction for the best of both worlds. The X-10 offers durability while the lighter rubber in the forefront offers more grip and traction. This makes the shoe ideal for almost any condition including wet weather.


Summing up, the Mizuno Wave Enigma 4 offers an unmatched design, fit and function for runners seeking comfort and reliability. The new ‘Dynamotion Fit’ in combination with the Enigma Wave technology, the X-10 material and the offset heel to toe ratio comes together to form an unparallel running shoe that is a perfect addition for any neutral runner.

If the pricier price tag doesn’t bother you, this shoe is highly recommended to anyone. It combines top-notch technology in cushion, durability and flexibility, which supports the natural flow of foot movements and combats forceful impacts, thus, creating a comfortable and safe experience for all types of runners.