Saucony Triumph ISO Series Running Shoes

The first Saucony Shoe Manufactory Company opened its doors in Pennsylvania over 100 years ago. Their shoe designs are a direct reflection of spending over a century perfecting their running shoe designs.

The Triumph ISO is a new addition to the Triumph lineup, and considering the ISO stuck to the end instead of a number, we were expecting some pretty huge updates. The ISO is designed for the neutral runner looking for a cushioned shoe with an excellent fit to crush miles in.

The price tag, is a little steep, but after some analysis, you’ll see the ISO is worth it if you are a long distance runner looking for a shoe that can take miles and miles of beating.


Saucony Triumph ISO Upper

Saucony promised that the ISO would have an excellent fit and that it is, in fact, the most cushioned shoe they’ve ever created. Based on previous versions with tough seams throughout, we were skeptical.

The ISO features an almost seamless upper, so if running without socks is your thing, we think blisters will be the least of your worries, and a problem of the past. Not only is the upper virtually seamless, but it features something called ISOFIT. What is ISOFIT, you might ask…

It’s a super plush, sock-like sleeve created from flexible air mesh that is meant to allow your foot and shoe to work together in harmony while providing a superior level of comfort. Its components allow the upper to morph and cradle your foot without being restrictive. Not only does the fit feel perfect and seamless, but it also combines the comfortable fit with A LOT of cushion. So much cushion and comfort that it may, perhaps, slow down a runner looking to use them for speed courses or interval training.

Coupled with having an ultimate fit and cushioning, an additional noteworthy observation is the lack of having to stop and re-tie.

Saucony Triumph ISO Sole

The ISO sole features technology called PWRGRID+. Saucony gushes that the PWRGRID+ has 20% more cushioning than the standard midsole, and we agree that it is definitely an increase in cushion. It disburses force evenly throughout the foot, making it an ideal shoe for distance runs. It eliminates foot fatigue and soreness after long rides.

The increase in cushion does come at a cost, though; because of the pushiness it is more difficult to feel the ground, thus, making it more challenging for speed work and agility training.

The PWRGRID+ sole technology in combination with the 8mm offset provides a smooth heel to toe transition, which contributes to the overall comfort and ability of the shoe, as well. Runners looking for zero drop be warned.

Additionally, the ISO features iBR+, which is Injection Blown Rubber. This compound also encourages cushion, as well as contributes to overall weight. Being 33% lighter, iBR+ is places methodically in outsole areas that require the most support. It is also incredibly durable and resilient.

The rubber helps sustain the shoe for longer even after miles and miles of wear. This is great since you won’t want to ever leave home without them.


Summing up, the Saucony Triumph ISO is the perfect shoe for distance running. Not only does it offer excellent support, cushion, heel-to- toe transition, and durability but the shoes can take a real beating. Runners looking for a new best friend for their next marathon may want to invest in the ISO.

Though, the price tag may be a bit steep, based on the comfort, cushion, fit and robustness, it’s quite worth the money.