Polar V800

The smartwatch Polar V800 GPS integrates perfectly with any type of training, find out why.


The Polar V800 is a GPS watch for running, swimming, cycling, yoga, dance and even the crossfit – but being a multisport watch can monitor a wide variety of other sports, aerobic and anaerobic. The smartwatch can also monitor and record all daily activities including steps, distance and calories burned.

The Polar V800 is available for purchase in two versions: one with cardio H7 Bluetooth Smart range that is one of the best category, and the version with only the clock if you already have a heart-end you can use to monitor the beats heart of the V800. The functions and features (including smart notifications) Polar Clock is always updated, thanks to the constant release of new versions of the firmware and the support offered by the manufacturer Polar either on the website or with the mobile app. The price of the Polar V800 is lower than you might think and has recently been elected in our guide as one of the best smartwatch for swimming available.

The Polar 800 V (with heart rate monitor included) is available for purchase on Amazon for $ 299

Review Polar V800: Construction, Design, Display

The V800 is available in two colors: black with metallic gray lines, and blue with red accents. The watch has a quadrangular design and to the touch is solid and compact. Made entirely of stainless steel, the Polar V800 is a comfortable watch to wear at the wrists thanks to the breathable polyurethane belts. The smartwatch the Polar building in this “boxy” shape, however, it makes it less adaptable to large wrists – we would have preferred a gentler solution such as the Polar M400. Despite this, the quadrangular shape can accommodate a large display set in a stainless steel quadrant (the metallic part).
Polar clock face and the screen are covered by Gorilla Glass protection, the same one that protects the display of the last Iphone model. The scratch-resistant touch display high-resolution, lets you use the Polar V800 in all environmental conditions, even when lighting is poor. The high-quality materials chosen to be part of ‘clock gives this watch a very professional look and a great usability in time. Also calculating that many of the Garmin Forerunner models, cost more and are made entirely of plastic.

Polar V800 is the ideal watch for sports fans who want to monitor their own training sessions. The smartwatch adapts well to different types of sports: from swimming to running to cycling, the Polar V800 achieves maximum performance by providing highly customized profiles. All using very simple graphical interface with easy to navigate and intuitive display.

Tracking HR heart rate and sporting characteristics

The heart rate sensor used by the watch Polar H7 Bluetooth V 800 allows us to monitor, for the whole duration of the workout, our heart rate. All in real time, even if we are practicing swimming in the pool. We can decide to buy the watch with heart rate strap included or without cardio sensor.
The barometric sensor and built-in GPS allows us to also record altitude data and altitude accurately. Thanks to the integrated barometer, the Polar 800 V is able to show us the meters uphill and downhill. This feature achieves excellent performance especially in the activity cycling, when we train using Bluetooth Smart sensor for cycling. Thanks to the aerodynamic pedaling speed sensor, in fact, the Polar V 800 is able to control and adjust the speed and the pedaling frequency helping to improve our performance in an accurate and precise.

Review Polar V800: The Smart Coaching functions

The Polar V800 offers a wide range of features to give the opportunity for sports fans to perfect and improve their workouts. This watch guides us in our sports activities and provides useful feedback to evaluate our progress. Thanks to the orthostatic test, Polar V800 allows us to determine and assess our physical condition. In particular, this function records our heart rate and shows us how it responds to training or other stressors.

Also interesting is the function of “Fitness Test” which assesses our physical condition even while we are at rest. In this case, Polar V800 extent, in five minutes, our aerobic fitness at rest and assess our consumption of oxygen. These data are tracked over time in order to highlight the progress in training.
Useful for those who love cycling is the Back to Start feature with which you can view at any time, the direction you are traveling in order to return to the starting point of training. Running Index also crucial feature that allows us to access a range of information. It, in particular, records our performance, aerobic capacity and efficiency of the race during training.
Finally, Polar V800 monitors our training sessions and our daily activities 24/7 through the Activity embedded tracker. At the end of training, the watch is able to tell the workload that we tested and advise the optimal recovery time.
Flow on the Polar web site you can analyze all the data recorded by the clock during training sessions.
Profit for the function of vibration offered by the Polar V800 which allows us to receive notifications of calls or text messages without producing sounds that can disturb our training. The wireless connection also allows us to control the music

Polar V800 : the app and Polar software

The smartwatch Polar V 800 utilizes revolutionary Polar Flow and convenient app that synchronizes all of our data and analyzes them even if we do not connect to the Internet. The transfer of remote data is very fast and allows us to save time to dedicate to our favorite sport.
The app uses a simple interface, intuitive and well-organized: You can view all the statistics of our workouts, carried out the paths and heart rate by clicking on each individual task.
Both the software and the app Polar V800 can be updated to add new useful features.

Polar V800 for swimming: Focus on the functions in the pool

The Polar V800 is one of only two watches with GPS that can monitor your heart rate under water. Unlike the Suunto Ambit3 Sports (other smartwatch diver HR), the V800 is the only one capable of showing the heart rate while swimming. With the ‘Ambit3 Sport, we have to wait to be out of the water to see statistics, information and of course heartbeat.

Despite the great skills of scuba V800 in the measurement of the heart rate, we can not expect a more accurate tracking, the technology of these HR watches for swimming is staggering, but the challenge of beating the monitoring under the water has not yet been definitively won . The Polar V800 is not always accurate in the swimming style recognition even if does very well in revolution count and distance. While training in the water will be very useful as swolf score based on the development of cross-data of the number of strokes per tank, speed and distance. The distance, and pace measurements are based on the length of the pool with the recognition of turns and swimming strokes are officially recognized: Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly and Frog.
Polar V 800: battery, charging and autonomy

Finally, we take a look to the autonomy of the battery of this watch that we bring, is excellent. Indeed, we can use the Polar V800 without recharging it for 14 hours. Autonomy is increased (you get to about 50 hours) if we use our clock in GPS mode “Low Power”.