Tech4o Discover GPS Main Review

The Tech4o Discover GPS is a newer GPS and heart rate monitor watch. Here is our main review.


Hey, guys. I want to do the main review of the Tech4o Discover GPS. It’s from Johnson Outdoors and really have liked it so far. I’ve had it a couple of weeks and been able to get it out and start using each one of the functions with it. But best thing I can tell you is it’s $200 with heart rate. It maps. You can download to Google. It has its own interface software that goes to your computer. And for $200 very nice setup without a lot of bells and whistles, meaning this is the sheet that comes with it. It was easy enough for me to setup the programming on my computer, and really does anything that I know of anyone using GPS wants it to do. Very easy quip system that plugs into your computer and charges it, and downloads the info to the program that’s set up.

Heart rate strap is nice soft strap on the back. It’s not the highest end, you know, it’s not really plush here on the front end but it’s comfortable enough to wear, and it picked up my heart rate really easy this morning. Sometimes heart rate straps won’t get in there and work really well unless you use like KY gel or you get it really wet, and it did fine. Very easy to use.

I talked with Tech4o, Johnson Outdoors, and I say you know, it looks like this is just set up for PC, not Mac. And she said, “Yes, indeed, that’s the story.” They just released it so they’re watching and seeing how sales go. They did say that it is in the works and they’re looking at the possibility of setting it up to be Mac compatible as well, but at this time it is not. So that was really probably the only drawback that I saw with this.

It syncs up very fast. So I’ve had it in probably three or four different locations in town, and each time I’ve synced it it’s been 30 seconds or faster, which is really huge. Because sometimes I’ve linked some GPSs that I have tested out in this back parking lot by our store, and it will be three to four minutes sometimes if it’s the first time it’s synced. So it’s been very accurate. I’ve worn it on trails, in the woods. I’ve worn it on the streets, and it seems really accurate for what I can tell versus some of the other things I tested probably a couple of years ago. It’ll be in and out when you’re in the woods and things like that.

This is Tech4o from Johnsons. You guys probably should start looking into it. On their website, tutorials, videos that make everything very simple and easily understood. And has Lap function. It has many things that everyone would want in a GPS, but it’s just easy to use and it’s simple to understand. If you don’t understand it you can go through some of those videos, and each video is maybe 30 seconds long and get specifics on each thing that you’re trying to do. So pretty cool stuff, pretty easy to use. I’m not a real technical guy, but I was interested in this when I saw some advertisements on it. They sent it out to us and I can tell you right now it’s very quality and you know, simple, two things I like.