adidas Vengeful Review

Packed full of adidas’ boost foam, the adidas Vengeful is a running shoe that offers amazing midsole cushioning with a responsive ‘energy return’ boost ride.

It’s extremely responsive and stable and is an ideal training and racing shoe for everything up to half marathon distance.

adidas have recently really upped their game when it comes to shoe design and there’s certainly no denying that the adidas Vengeful is a sweet looking running shoe.

It just looks fantastic!

If you’re a fan of the Supernova Sequence range but don’t need all the motion control and stability then you’re going to love the new adidas Vengeful. Think of the adidas Vengeful of a stripped back version of the Supernova Sequence that while it loses some of the heel and upper support, still delivers the same fantastic comfort and cushioning.

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The adidas Vengeful


The Good: The adidas Vengeful is a super responsive shoe that provided an extremely comfortable ride thanks to a well cushioned midsole.

The Bad: Some reviewers have commented that the shoe feels looser on long runs. As the shoe wears, the outsole does lose traction making it slippy.

The Verdict: This is a great shoe that’s extremely comfortable. While it’s not a lightweight racer, it’s a perfect shoe for those new to running or looking something that they can comfortably race and train in.


Vengeful Upper
Let’s start at the top with the upper.

Made from an air mesh material designed to improve ventilation over the foot, the Vengeful also features extra support on the medial side of the shoe.

If I’m totally honest, it’s the upper that seems to let this trainer down the most. The lack of flexibility in the upper causes foot fatigue on longer runs.

While the toe box isn’t the most accommodating, it’s certainly not narrow by any means.

I was pleased to find the the Vengeful the sock liner that we first saw in the Supernova Sequence is still present and just as comfortable and supportive.

What Do Owners Like

  • Fantastic fit
  • The adidas Vengeful is well ventilated

Technical Overview

  • Mens Shoe Weight: 334g (size 10)
  • Womens Shoe Weight: – 292g (size 6.5)
  • Heel Drop: 10mm
  • Ideal for: overpronatiors runners looking for a stability shoe


adidas vengeful outsole

Now on to the sole – the heart of the shoe.

While I was expecting a good level of cushioning from the adidas Vengeful I was pleasantly surprised by just how cushioned the shoe was. This is in part thanks to the STABLEFRAME technology which merges a thin layer of standard EVA foam with a layer of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) ‘pebbles’ that help absorb impact from foot strike.

The STABLEFRAME midsole helps to give this a solid ride through the run gait with the heel-toe transition feeling reassuring stable.

The outsole features adidas STRETCHWEB technology which we also saw on the adidas ultra boost; a shoe that we put through a difficult half marathon which included some more technical sections (well, technical for a road half) and were extremely impressed with it then.

As other reviewers have commented, this isn’t a shoe that’s going to last for over 500 miles – the STRETCHWEB tread just doesn’t seem to wear terribly well or stand up to a lot of punishment.

On longer runs I felt that the shoe was causing me some knee issues. The shoe has a dense layer of EVA foam on the instep which seemed to roll my foot onto the outer edge with each step. For that reason I feel that the Vengeful are more suited to those runners with a severe over pronation.

Is it for me?

The adidas Vengeful is certainly a comfortable shoe; there’s been real though given to the cushioning that this shoe provides.

It’s particularly impressive to see how adidas have managed to combine everything that we loved about the Supernova Sequence and yet have managed to shave weight off.

This shoe is ideal for anyone who likes to keep their runs under 8 miles or wants a great supportive shoe for in the gym.