Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14

So far as looks are concerned, Brooks GTS Model is very much like its older versions, with the simple mesh on synthetic overlays and the Brooks’ logo on the side. Do not, however, be mislead by the simplicity of its looks; for a product that looks pretty minimal, it packs in some top-of-the-line technology.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14 Upper:


Comprising air mesh and synthetic overlays, the construction of the upper is very much similar to its older brothers, with lightweight mesh that dries very quickly. Not only does such a construction allow great breathability, it does not end up adding any weight.

What’s new, however, is the new lacing design; with an upgraded system, not only is the lace pressure more evened out, the overall fit itself is more conformed and snug and boy does it help! It is the top-of-the-foot area that first starts to warn me that I’ve had enough after running a lot, thanks to the lacing pressure. With the new design, though I still do get that ache eventually, it takes longer to happen thanks to less stress which helps me run longer distances.

Furthermore, the all-new 3D Fit Print technology adds a stitch-less, flexible fit. The part-nylon part-spandex made lining helps disperse moisture and reduce friction if your socks slide down. Moreover, the Internal Support Saddle and the Profile Sockliner further help keep the feet firmly in place.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14 Sole


The Adrenaline GTS 14 also continues to employ other midsole technology present in its predecessors, from the Brooks patented Heel to the Midfoot Caterpillar Crash Pad, the Omega Flex Grooves, Progressive Diagonal Rollbar, the full length BioMoGo, and last but not the least, the Brooks’ DNA – all of which account for the best-level comfort with a smooth heel lay down and a great stride to boot. Not only does this guide the foot towards a more normal and fluid stride, it helps in correcting overpronation issues faced by runners.

For the ignorant, overpronation, which is basically one of the problems I suffer from, happens when a runner’s stride ends up on the ground on the heel’s lateral side. Unable to absorb shock properly, the ordeal results in an improper distribution of weight, which further results in weakening of ankles due to arches collapsing, finally leading to fatal injury. To better control the midfoot torsional flex and solve the existing problem, thermoplastic urethane arch shanks are added. While they do provide the much-needed stability and control, it comes at the cost of overall heel cushioning.

The truly great feature, at least for me, in the model is the unique Brooks patented DNA technology that has in fact continued in the model. The total length-wide high-viscosity liquid gel cushioning instantaneously responds to force placed on the foot, along with double the normal energy return; it becomes harder and slower depending on higher and slower speeds.

The midsole also features the famous BioMoGo technology. Known for both its technical proficiency and environmental friendliness, it serves multiple purposes, from better energy return, cushioning and a significant reduction of foot fatigue. Also continuing is the Omega Flex Grooves, which by offering maximum midsole flexibility and an easier transformation from heel to toe enable a smoother ride.Furthermore, the Brooks’ Flextra and Stable-Pod Configuration technologies in the forefoot area offer additional customization for individual factors such as weight and gender, along with better flexibility and responsiveness.

Another thing that I found interesting were the outsoles, which oddly enough look like large molars. They are, nonetheless very helpful as they have a better grip that eases up the friction. Not only did I get a smooth heel strike, I also got a greater traction while not bothering about what I’m running on.


The GTS 14 is truly in a class of its own; not only did I find a higher degree of control, along with movement and flexibility, I also found my running journey a much more stable and smooth experience. Even after running for quite a many miles, I found no alteration in cushion or support whatsoever.

Let me tell you, finding the right shoe is not very different to finding “the one”. And for the past 4 models, the Adrenaline GTS Series has been my “go to” pair. As a dedicated reviewer, however, I would like to add that the new model has some subtle changes made to it, which have only made the already-awesome model go from strength to strength.

While the new lacing system is wonderful and have almost got rid of that annoying ache at the top of my foot, I am not a fan of the reduction in arch cushioning, as I prefer more cushion for better support. The best feature in this model for me has been the thermoplastic urethane arch shanks that have replaced the cushioning which give better structure and support, and therefore give better stability, which for me is of utmost importance in a shoe.

Although the changes are indeed subtle, to the extent they may not be noticed by the untrained eye (or the new buyer), for someone like me, the Adrenaline GTS 14 are a fantastic pair. Not only are they my absolute favorite model, I predict they are going to be the same for many others out there.