New Balance 990v3 Review

When we first planned our New Balance 990v3 review we took a look around the web to see what other reviewers were saying…

And it wasn’t positive.

But we’re never ones to take other reviewers word for it so we decided to put them to the test ourselves.

First Impression of The New Balance 990v3

Firstly, the New Balance 990v3 looks like an old school, traditional running shoe, this sneaker simply oozes New Balance history and legacy. The 990V3 is a bit of a heavyweight, and the bulky makeup of this shoe certainly doesn’t make it one that you want to race in if it can be helped.

However, it’s certainly comfortable, very supportive and soft. It’s this comfort first design that saw us list the New Balance 990v3 as one of the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis for men.

Does all this comfort and stability make for a good running shoe though? Sadly not.

As you’re about to find out, while the 990V3 is a fantastic shoe for walking and everyday use, it’s not a shoe that any serious runner should consider.

New Balance 990V3 Upper

Let’s start with the upper which is the one thing that initially stands out on the shoe with a combination of suede and mesh which helps give that classic old-school look that many fans love.

The breathability on the 990V3 is good, your foot doesn’t overheat until you really up the pace. As with most New Balance shoes, the toe box is roomy and it certainly didn’t rub, even when tackling a slightly technical descent.

The level of support provided by the 990V3 is fantastic. Your foot will truly feel secure thanks to a well-designed lacing system and a heel that seems to lock your foot into place.

New Balance 990V3 Sole

Okay, so the sole design is where the 990V3 seems to be experiencing some real issues and to be honest the rest of the New Balance 990v3 review is rather negative…

The sole of the 990V3 is made up of two main parts – a blown rubber forefoot and an ABZORB midsole which do a fantastic job of providing cushioning (again, another reason why these are a great shoe for plantar fasciitis sufferers).

Sounds like a good shoe right? Well brace yourself, the negatives are coming!

There are two things that you need to know about the New Balance 990V3:

  • The heel disintegrated after just 80 miles (a few weeks for serious runners)
  • When the shoe comes into contact with water the shoe STINKS!

We didn’t believe all the comments online that said that the shoe will start to fall apart after the first run… unfortunately, this proved to be true. You can actually see where bits of rubber have fallen off after just 1 run and it doesn’t matter how well you look after them – it’s going to happen.

The second issue, well New Balance have opted to bury their head in the sand and haven’t issued a statement on this yet.

Personally, I’d avoid the New Balance 990V3. If you’re looking for a soft, comfortable shoe then our recommendation would be for the Asics Nimbus 16 a shoe that provides fantastic cushioning, is exceptionally made and doesn’t smell of cat pee when wet.