Brooks Cascadia 7 Review

I’m a fairly big guy which means that when it comes to trail running, I really struggle to dance and leap gracefully over puddles and bogs. That said I absolutely adore the challenge that a good technical trail provides.

It’s strange, I tend to wear down trail shoes much quicker than road shoes which is why I’m constantly searching for that perfect pair of trail running shoes. After speaking to a few of the guys down at the club it sounded like I could be onto a winner with the latest trail shoe from Brooks.


First Impressions

I’d read rumblings online that the 6 suffered from a poor build quality that saw them fall apart after only a dozen demanding runs. Thankfully Brooks seem to have done a lot to fix these problems.

This is the first pair of Brooks Cascadia shoes that I’ve ran in and I was completely blown away by the comfort that these shoes provided out of the box. The shoe felt light, flexible and secure on the foot with no rubbing, even when running without socks.

Brooks Cascadia 7 Upper

Out is the much-despised eye row of the previous shoe which often lead to foot slippage on downhill sections.

So what have Brooks done to change this?

Well for a start, the Cascadia 7 now has an improved midfoot overlay which extend from the ball of the foot right back to the heel. This gave your foot an excellent sense of security and even when my foot was damp, the shoe still felt secure on technical sections.

The top mesh helped the shoe feel airy but didn’t seem to make them cold on winter days and most importantly for a trail shoe, the Cascadia 7 drained water away extremely well after misstepping into a puddle.

Brooks Cascadia 7 Sole

A good trail shoe has to do 2 things extremely well – it must grip and it must offer some protection and I was pleasantly surprised with how the Brooks Cascadia 7 performed.


Previous reviewers of the 6 weren’t big fans of the circular lugs and to those who weren’t keen will be pleased to know that these have been replaced on the 7 with more traction friendly multi-directional and triangular lugs.

Again, I was extremely impressed with how the lugs performed especially on a particularly tricky ascent, I felt in control the whole time and never felt at risk of fall on my ass.


On a fairly tough trail the shoe felt great and offered fantastic rock protection (although if I was running over scree I may want something a bit tougher).

Brooks have opted to use BioMoGo EVA foam cushioning which feels plush but not too cushioned even when running on the road.


The fit of the Cascadia 7 was true to size and felt great although I do feel that the toe box could benefit from being a little wider (but that could always be because of my silly wide feet).

The shoe doesn’t feel overly heavy at around 340 grams for the size 11s that I was running in.

The heel-to-toe drop was 10mm thanks to a 28mm cushioned heel and a 18mm toebox.


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