Merrell Fall 2012 Sneak Peek

Check out our sneak peek of Merrell’s barefoot line including Vibram outsoles and predominantly 0mm drop. These are minimal the way minimal was meant to be. Colors shown are only available at running specialty stores in the fall of 2012.


Man: Morning Runbl. We got Lauren in here from Merrell this morning, and what we’re looking through is some of their stuff that’s gonna be out in the fall, 2012. A lot of its stuff that may be out now, but these are changed color wise and some of the uppers are changing.

So what you have here is the Trail Glove, and then we have the road version. And then back here is, what’s this called again?

Lauren: Bear Access.

Man: The Bear Access, which is still zero millimeter drop. Don’t worry if you gotta stay in the zero range here, but it’s got two millimeters of EVA front and back. So it’s a nice transition shoe if you’re trying transition to a minimal running shoe but you still want a little protection under there.

And then some of the stuff I like, this is like a soft shell, so it’s gonna be wind and water resistant for fall and winter weather if you want something a little more covered. And then, ladies and guys, they do make some for you as well. Just casual dress, kinda lifestyle stuff, where what they’re doing is encouraging you to get low and really use lower leg and foot, and strengthen those areas, but do it when you’re out kicking around and looking cool in some of this stuff.

So that’s Merrell, fall 2012. Really got some cool stuff coming out, so if you’re someone that’s getting into minimal, you could go lifestyle, you could go to a transition here, or you could jump right into some of these. And we’ll have some more reviews on Runbl of some of their stuff.